2IN1 Full Electric Home Care Bed


* 36” full-electric

* Welded angle steel construction

* Easy to use, two piece split frame design

* Reinforced corner plates

* Reinforced head & foot springs

* 3” swivel, locking casters provide stability

* Quite UL approved electric system

* Weight capacity: 400 lbs (includes patient weight,

mattress weight and any accessories)

Item # ADABB3000

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Versatility and Ease of Use

Universal Bed Frame for Maximum Flexibility

The 2IN1 Full Electric Home Care Bed features a versatile universal bed frame, allowing you to alternate seamlessly between semi and full functions by simply changing the motor. This flexibility ensures that the bed fits your precise needs, whether you require more mobility or secure rest. Easily switch from one function to another, no tools required. The motor assembly is designed for quick installation and removal, making setup a breeze.

Key Features:

  • Universal Bed Frame: Switch between semi and full functions easily.

  • Easy Motor Installation: No tools needed for setup or adjustments.

  • Adjustable Functions: Tailor the bed to your needs with one simple switch.

Enhanced Comfort and Safety

Ergonomic and Secure Design

Comfort and safety are crucial elements for anyone seeking a reliable home care bed. This model covers both aspects by providing a slat deck which ensures strength and reduces weight, making it easy to clean. Furthermore, the bed rail design meets IEC Entrapment Guidelines, offering both full and half rail options to suit your preference and enhancing overall safety.

Key Benefits:

  • Slat Deck: Strong, lightweight, and easy to clean.

  • Safety Rails: Meets IEC Entrapment Guidelines for added security.

  • Adjustable Sections: Customize head and foot angles for maximum comfort.

Reliable Performance

Dependable and Low-Maintenance Motor

This Full Electric Home Care Bed comes equipped with a unique, fully self-contained motor that significantly reduces weight and noise. Installed within the motor is a 9-volt battery (not included), ensuring the bed can lower the head and foot sections to a horizontal position during power failures, maintaining functionality under any circumstance. With a robust 450 lbs weight limit, the bed is built to handle the needs of both patients and caregivers alike.

Notable Features:

  • Quiet and Lightweight: Self-contained motor minimizes noise.

  • Power Failure Support: 9-volt battery ensures functionality even during outages.

  • High Weight Capacity: Supports up to 450 lbs, accommodating mattress, rails, accessories, and personal items.

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