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Introducing the CityCruzer, the leading transportable scooter designed with unparalleled suspension. This innovative mobility aid combines the stability of a four-wheel vehicle with the agility of a three-wheeler, offering exceptional maneuverability for its users. Unique to the market, the CityCruzer is the only compact scooter that features a mono-shock suspension and a standard size transaxle, ensuring a smooth ride even on rough terrains. It boasts a substantial 285 lb load capacity, making it a reliable option for individuals needing additional support. The scooter is also designed for convenience, disassembling easily for transport and storage. Riders will enjoy the luxurious, deep-cushioned folding seat, complete with adjustable and flip-up armrests for ultimate comfort and accessibility. Make every journey a smooth adventure with the CityCruzer scooter, where stability meets mobility in a stylish, efficient package.

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Blue, Pearl Green, Red, Silver


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