Contour CPAPMax Pillow 2.0


Experience comfortable sleep without the hassles of mask air leaks, red facial lines, and dry eyes with the Contour CPAPMax orthopedic memory foam pillow. This pillow is compatible with any CPAP mask style or brand, featuring pressure-free zones that prevent mask bumping and shifting, thus eliminating air leaks. It also supports orthopedic alignment, enhancing airflow and spine alignment to reduce neck, back, shoulder pain, snoring, and even wrinkles.

The pillow has a three-layer, adjustable height design, including a charcoal-infused layer for cleanliness and freshness. Users can modify the layers for their preferred height, achieving optimal alignment and airflow for various sleeping positions, making it ideal for side, back, or stomach sleepers.

Enjoy a cooler sleeping experience with the ventilated foam and 3D CoolTech Air Layer, ensuring continuous airflow and preventing heat build-up in the pillow. This feature keeps you cool and comfortable all night.

The 2-in-1 sleeping surface of this CPAP pillow offers a choice between a plush, traditional fiber fill side and a supportive, contouring high resilience memory foam side.

Orthopedic alignment enhances easier breathing by maintaining proper positioning for continuous airflow.

This pillow also comes with a removable, washable, hypoallergenic zipper cover with built-in hose control, offering hassle-free movement and uninterrupted airflow throughout the night.

And for peace of mind, it’s backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee, covered by our 2-year Contour Customer Care Warranty and easy returns.


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