Vita Monster


The Heartway S12X Vita Monster is an advanced all-terrain power scooter designed for robust outdoor mobility. It features a powerful 900-watt motor paired with a 200 Amp S-drive controller, enabling it to navigate through various terrains with ease. The scooter is equipped with large 15″ x 6.3″ rear turf tires that enhance its outdoor maneuverability.

For rider comfort, the Vita Monster boasts a sophisticated suspension system with a double A-Arm front suspension and 3D rear suspension, ensuring a smooth ride and effective shock absorption. It’s outfitted with a comprehensive LED light package for visibility, rearview mirrors for safety, and a roll bar for added protection.

The Vita Monster reaches a top speed of 11.5 mph and can travel up to 28 miles on a single charge. Additional features include a sporty 20″ captain’s seat for maximum comfort, a convenient cup holder, and an adjustable tiller for personalized steering. This scooter is designed for those seeking a durable and comfortable outdoor riding experience.

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