City Bug Scooter

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Discover the City Bug Scooter, your perfect companion for both indoor and outdoor mobility. With its unique compact design, the City Bug effortlessly folds down to a mere 20 inches in height, width, and 34 inches in length, making it the ideal choice for those needing a space-saving transportation option. The elevated seat not only enhances comfort but also ensures better eye contact and access to counters, whether at home or in the office. Despite its small stature, the City Bug doesn’t compromise on performance; its 32.5-inch overall length and tight turning radius make it incredibly maneuverable in narrow spaces or crowded areas. It is equipped with a robust 270-watt motor and transaxle, along with two airline-approved 12v12Ah SLA batteries, offering powerful and reliable performance. Choose between the sleek Metallic Red or the cool Ice Blue finish to match your style. The City Bug Scooter is not just a means of transport; it’s a gateway to independence and mobility, all while fitting neatly into your life.


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Ice Blue, Burgundy


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