BSN Jobst SensiFoot™ Diabetic Knee High Mild Compression Socks Small, Black, Latex-free

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BSN Jobst® SensiFoot™ Diabetic Sock 8 to 15mm Hg Knee High Mild Compression Socks have over the calf style for people who experience decreased nerve sensation caused by diabetes or foot pain from arthritis. The mild non-constricting gradient pressure prevents sliding, bunching or wrinkles. They feature dense padding in the foot, heel and toe to reduce friction and provide cushioning for extra comfort.

  • Moisture wicking acrylic fibers help keep feet cool and dry throughout the day.
  • Non-irritating and smooth flat toe seams reduce irritation and pressure on sensitive toes and skin.
  • Anti-microbial finish helps prevent growth of bacteria and fungi on the sock to eliminate unpleasant foot odors.

Item $ AISBI110866

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