EZ-Access® Suitcase® Advantage Series® Singlefold Wheelchair Ramp, 29.5″ x 5′ Usable Size, 15″ x 60″ x 4.5″ Folded Size, 800 lb Weight Capacity

EZ-Access® Suitcase® Singlefold Advantage Series® wheelchair ramp provides the safety and strength required while remaining light and portable. It can be separated, making it even easier to use, carry, and store. By simply removing two hinge pins, it quickly separates into two lightweight sections, each with its own ergonomically designed flexible carrying handle. It features high-quality skid-resistant tread and a self-adjusting bottom transition plate for easy conversion from ramp to ground.

  • Slip-resistant surface.
  • Ramp hinge separation.
  • Ergonomically designed built-in carrying handles.
  • Self-adjusting bottom transition.
  • For wheelchair and scooter.
  • Weight: 26 lb.
  • Material: Aluminum.


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