Allied Healthcare Inc Schuco® Panda Pediatric Nebulizer

Allied Healthcare Inc Schuco® Panda Pediatric Nebulizer, AC Operation 120V 60 Hz, Therapeutic Particle Size 0-1/2 μm to 5μm, Quiet Operation <60 dBA, Lightweight Just 3-1/2 lb., Substantial Compressor Pressure 35-45 psig

Asthma is a serious and potentially life threatening illness that affects many children, but there are many medications that can help control and prevent asthma attacks. However, administering asthma medication to young children can be challenging. Luckily, The NBN Group carries a child-friendly nebulizer product that is specifically designed for treating little ones who sufferFrom asthma. The panda bear compressor nebulizer system (Schuco S5200 Pediatric Nebulizer by Allied Healthcare Products Inc.) is offered by NBN Infusions and Respiratory. This adorable nebulizer system will make treatments less stressful for your child. Because of its playful design, operates with a low noise level, and is very easy to use, children will be willing to sit tight for their treatments. The panda style nebulizer is a durable, high powered system that delivers all types of medication quickly and effectively into your child’s respiratory system. The machine comes complete with a panda compressor, nebulizer cup, angled mouthpiece and mask, over six feet of oxygen tubing, five extra compressor filters.

  • Child-friendly design.
  • Lightweight yet quiet.
  • Easy to use and clean

Item # AINBFS5200

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