Vive Dual Trigger Finger Splint

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Find relief from finger pain, stiffness, and locking joints with the Vive dual trigger finger splint. Supporting and immobilizing two or three fingers, the finger splint relieves pain due to fractures, sprains, tendonitis, stenosing tenosynovitis, mallet finger, finger curling, and rheumatoid arthritis. The reversible trigger finger splint is fully adjustable and features a bendable aluminum internal splint for customizable support.

Color: Black

Universal Size:  Fits for left and right hand, Men and Women

Dimensions: 9×2.5×2 in (22.8×6.4×5.1cm)

Max. Wrist Circum: 12″

Splint Dimensions: 7.6×1.37” (195x35cm)

Weight: 0.15lb (0.06kg)


Item # AVSSUP2091BLK

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