Smiths Medical ASD Portex® SuctionPro 72™ Closed Ventilation Suction System, Dual Swivel, 10Fr, 12″

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Closed Ventilation Suction System is a single patient use suctioning device for the removal of secretions from the tracheobronchial tree of ventilator dependent adult patients. Intended for 72-hour use.

  • Three-day recommended duration of use, clear pathway evacuation port, lockable thumb valve end cap, patient label with day of the week stickers, clear T piece for visualization of the pathway, soft but strong catheter sleeve, Trac-Wedge™ device to aid in disconnection of the catheter from the patient’s tracheal or tracheostomy tube
  • Swivel connector to reduce torque to patient in some packs.
  • Sterile.
  • 20 pieces per case


  • 10 Fr.
  • 12 Fr.
  • 14 Fr.

Item # AISSFZ1551

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