Salter Labs Cannula with 7 ft Supply Tube Clear Small, Three Channel Safety, For Oxygen Flows Up to 6 LPM

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The Small Salter-Style® Cannulas are for oxygen flows up to 3LPM or 6 LPM. A full range of sizes for Premature, Neonate, Infant, Intermediate Infant, Pediatric and Small Adult patients. The clear, lightweight cannula is made with the Salter-Style® manufacturing process, producing a soft, anatomically designed cannula that is gentle to delicate facial skin.

  • Anatomically curved to fit upper lip.
  • Curved, tapered nasal prongs.
  • Over-the ear-style head set.
  • Three-channel safety tubing.
  • Soft, lightweight, clear material.
  • Improved anatomical fit for increased comfort.
  • Provides secure positioning.
  • Allows uninterrupted flow of oxygen.

Item # AICSA1602

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