ROHO® Mid Profile™ Sensor Ready® Wheelchair Cushion, 20″ x 20″

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Hybrid Elite® Wheelchair cushion is an adjustable, air-filled, wheelchair support surface combining a DRY FLOATATION® cellular design cushion insert with a contoured foam base and is intended to conform to an individual’s seated shape in the pelvic loading area to provide skin/soft tissue protection, positioning, and an environment to facilitate wound healing.

  • Warnings: Skin/soft tissue breakdown can occur due to a number of factors, which vary by individual, check skin frequently, at least once a day, redness, bruising, or darker areas (when compared to normal skin) may indicate superficial or deep tissue injury and needs to be addressed, if there is any discoloration to skin/soft tissue, stop use immediately, if the discoloration does not disappear within thirty minutes after disuse, immediately consult a healthcare professional, it must be compatible sizes and must be used as directed in this manual, do not use it on top of, or in conjunction with, any other products or materials, except as indicated in this manual, doing so may cause the individual to become unstable and vulnerable to falling, do not use the components of this product separately, it must be used with all components assembled, do not use it as a water flotation device, it will not support in water.
  • Material: Neoprene rubber.
  • Latex-Free.


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