ROHO® AirLITE® Wheelchair Cushion, 300 lb Capacity, 18″ x 2″ to 3.75″ Depth 20″

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Airlite® wheelchair cushion improves the ability to transfer by lowering the front and middle of the cushion 3/4″ while keeping its strong positioning capability by deepening the leg troughs. The lower height also contributes to a greater feeling of security in the chair.

  • The non-adjustable AIR FLOATATION™ air insert built into the cushion under the ischials has been enhanced to provide better bottom-out protection.
  • Softer foam allows the cushion to conform to the individual’s physiology and provide a more comfortable seating surface.
  • Ready to use, no adjustment is required.
  • The cover design, with full zipper coverage, provides enhanced fluid resistance to protect the foam, it is PVC-free.
  • May be suitable for individuals who: Are at risk for skin/soft tissue breakdown, have normal sensation, require increased stability, require lower extremity alignment, need a lightweight, non-adjustable seating system, require a more stable environment for transfers.
  • Includes: Cover, operating instructions, product registration card.
  • Construction: Contoured polyurethane foam, polyethylene base, sealed air insert.


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