Respironics Replacement Water Chamber with 2 Lids

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Respironics Replacement Water Chamber with 2 Lids, Clear and Dark Gray Lids, Dishwasher Safe, For PR System One 50/60 Series Humidifier

Designed to work with any Respironics PR System One 50 Series Humidifiers or Respironics PR System One 60 Series Humidifiers humidifiers, this water chamber was developed to improve the humidity from your Respironics CPAP Machine Humidifiers. Easy to open, this chamber can be easily cleaned and stores over a full cup of water improving your CPAP performance. Humidification can help relieve potential congestion that can occur during CPAP use. The amount of water used will be different depending on the patient and the machine and should be changed daily with distilled water for best results.

  • Holds 1 and 1/3rd cups of water to help improve humidity.
  • Can be opened and cleaned to improve hygiene.
  • Lid for 50 Series- Clear lid.
  • Lid for 60 Series- Dark non-transparent lid

Item # AIWRE1063785

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