Respironics PerformaTrak™ Full Face Mask Medium

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Respironics PerformaTrak™ Full Face Mask Medium, Single-Use

Comfortable and adjustable, the PerformaTrak™ brings a new level of performance to Philips Respironics Performance Series interface and patient circuit products. With the use of the forehead adjustment track to manage mask pressure effectively at the bridge of the nose, clinicians now have another disposable interface tool to help enhance patient comfort.

  • A dual flap facemask cushion – to provide comfort and effective leak control.
  • An adjustable forehead support – to facilitate full control of mask pressure at the bridge of the nose.
  • New and improved head strap clips – ball – and – socket design provides an intuitive and secure method of connecting and disconnecting the head straps.
  • An efficient entrainment valve – for safety in case of ventilator failure or occlusion of the tube.
  • An integrated sizing gauge – to make fitting easier and more convenient.

Item # AIMRE1012624

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