Forever Plus Cushion Series

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Flexible 3-inch interconnected independent air cells allow for variable patient immersion into the cushion, providing

consistent low pressure and an increased blood supply necessary for healthy tissue maintenance and treatment.

• The water resistant, breathable cover provides a cool, comfortable seating environment

• Machine washable cover has non-slip coating on bottom to prevent sliding

• Multi-cellular, air-filled design allows for adjustments and a personalized fit

• Facilitates blood flow by fitting and conforming to an individual’s shape

Item #ACC6406-10

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Size - Capacity

16"x16" – 300lbs, 18"x16" – 300lbs, 18" x 18" – 300 lbs, 20"*16" – 300lbs, 20"*18" – 300lbs, 22"x20" – 550lbs

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