Circaidance SmartTrace™ Neonatal/Pediatric Hospital Version ECG Electrodes with 0.06″ Socket

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Black/White/Green, Pre-Wired, Dual Hydrogel Layer, Lasts Up To Seven Days, For SmartMonitor® 2 Apnea Monitor, Latex-Free

SmartTrace™ neonatal/pediatric electrodes are the smart, skin-friendly choice when you are looking for an electrode that stays sticky longer. The electrodes are formulated with two unique patented gel layers. The first layer is gentle on an infant’s skin and allows the electrode to stick, and restick, without harming the baby’s delicate skin. The second layer is formulated for optimal adhesion to the electrode. These two layers are locked together with a unique mesh layer to prevent slippage and delamination.

  • Controlled placement of non-conducting mesh locks gel layers together.
  • Patented dual-layer hydrogel is gentle on baby’s skin but provides excellent adhesion.
  • Breathable moisture barrier performs well in high humidity.
  • Lasts up to seven days with repeated application.
  • Double soldered wires reduce wire pullout.
  • Copper lead wire promotes high quality tracings.
  • Applies and reapplies without rewetting.
  • Resists moisture and ‘dry out’.

Item # AIELO165101

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